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why join the sacf?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have an enormous impact on everyday life. The socio-economic benefits are widely proven and accepted as integral to the improvement of a society’s daily lived experience. However, it is well documented that real opportunities can only materialise when the regulatory framework fosters investment and the widespread distribution of ICTs. Without these conditions, the full promise of ICTs remains unrealised. SACF exists to advocate for the constructive functioning of an ICT sector that works for everyone.

Types of Membership

full membership

Full membership is reserved for active participants in the sector and enjoy full participation in member committees. There are five categories of full membership:

  • Platinum,
  • Diamond,
  • Gold,
  • Silver, and
  • Bronze which allows members access at different sizes.

associate membership

Associate membership is available for other participants in the sector, which includes academia, consultants and other interested parties. Associates have access to information including updates, newsletters and access to events.

Individual membership

Individual membership is open to persons with specific interests.

Download the attached for full benefits of different membership levels.




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